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The decision-making process in the CCA is precisely regulated by the statutory act, the Statute of the Alliance, and other acts defining the working methods of the Alliance and its individual bodies.

Clearly established decision-making hierarchy and accurately established procedures for decision making ensure transparency, functionality and the efficiency of action and rapid coordination of activities. 

The executive and executive functions are separated and overlap only with the function of the manager of the Alliance, which ensures the collection of all necessary decision-making data and is responsive to the decisions made at the level of the Advisory Board.

In addition, the Advisory Board donates decisions related to operational action and coordination of all aspects of the Alliance's work. Managing authorities jointly strategically consider and make strategic development decisions and evaluate the process of work and program achievements.

At the Professional Service, the level is divided into responsibilities and clearly defined decision-making procedures in the implementation and execution of tasks as well as transparent reporting on them.

The decision-making act has been transparently established for all CCA bodies that have the authority to make decisions in the field of their activity or to make suggestions for better quality decision making.

In Alphabethical order: