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/ Innovation

Michela Magas has a track record of 20 years of innovation. Her work bridges the worlds of science and art, design and technology, academic research and industry. She co-founded Stromatolite Design Innovation Lab in 2000, developing futures concepts for international clients including Apple, Nike and Nokia - Her practice-based Ph.D. research investigated music interpretation systems and led to her co-authoring Sonaris, an innovative music search technology, as well as launching the Open Product Licenses, enabling design by attribution. Michela directed, investigating the future of music technology with seven top European research centres. She founded the global Music Tech Fest -, which brings music industry, SMEs, innovators and researchers under one roof. Her work has received the 'art meets science' NEM art award twice, several TSB and EU FP7 awards, and was selected for the exhibition showcasing the best of British innovation at the Science Museum during the London Olympics. Michela Magas is named as European Woman Innovator of the year 2017.


/ Education

Daniela Urem is president of the Creative Cultural Alliance. She initiated the Arts and Cultural Affairs Office within the University of Rijeka in 2012, designing and coordinating study programs and productions with a focus on career and audience development while opening various forms of international cultural cooperation. In 2013 as part the city of Rijeka nomination for the European Capital of Culture, Daniela created the first cultural capacity building program in Croatia, Unicult2020, the International Arts & Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Programme, an intensive course designed for cultural producers, workers and researchers from Europe and beyond. She graduated psychology at the Pace University, New York. In 2004 she founded the “Doors Art Foundation" in the New York City, where as an artistic director, she produced programmes promoting Croatian culture and art scene to the international audience. At present, Daniela Urem works on several cultural platforms, on cultural development and policies projects, actively participates in capacity building, university-related projects and advocates intercultural dialogue, cooperation and exchange. Daniela is an active member of Culture Action Europe, Regional Cultural Policy and Management Platform and a regular guest lecturer and speaker.




Gaella Alexandra Gottwald is vice-president of the Creative Cultural Alliance. Art director, creative consultant and artist graduated from Brown University with a degree in History of Art and Architecture, she pursued courses at the Film Academy FAMU and Applied Arts Academy UMPRUM of Prague and graduate studies at the European Institute of Design IED in Milan, Italy. In the years that followed she worked in a number of institutions from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to Cinecitta Film Studios in Rome. She has experience in a variety of creative fields from curating to documentary filmmaking, gallery work and art dealing.  For years Gaella traveled the world working and collaborating with local communities in Africa, Europe and Asia doing projects that worked on traditional crafts to sustainable design, to using art as a means of empowerment.  She was director of the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb (HDLU) from 2010-2014, where she created new programs such as Artomat unconventional art fair, Upcycling Festival, and Art for All projects to promote cultural entrepreneurship, ecological awareness, innovation and social inclusion.  Since 2015  she has been working for the City of Dubrovnik, as creative consultant for their ECoC bid for 2020 and currently as Art Director of the Lazareti complex (1-5) where she has created the foundations for a multidisciplinary art, science and community space. Her innovative and socially aware programs have gotten her various awards: National prize for Innovation in the Arts for Artomat (DKI 2013), EU Grant for Cultural Managers (Eunic 2013) and was the recipient of the Global Ambassadors Fellowship by Vital Voices for emerging female leaders Belfast, Ireland (2014).  She is an elected member of The Cluster for Competitiveness in the Creative and Cultural industries and has been a jury member of the Global Shapers Community.






Thea Soldo graduated her bachelor degree in  international relations and diplomacy at University College of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjold in Zagreb, after which she returned to her hometown Dubrovnik where she pursued her MA in the same field at DIU LIbertas.  Soon after that, she worked for the City of Dubrovnik, as the assistant of the Art Director of the Lazareti complex, where she co-produced several exhibtions and cultural events. Thanks to that, her field of interests now are cultural production and policy managment in culture.