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Most our educational and creative residencies platforms are located in Croatia - Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, Osor, Susak and Korcula.
Which platform hosts a particular educational program depends on a specific program needs.
Sometimes, we combine them for the best possible experience. 

CCA Current platforms:


Artistic Director: Daniel Devlin



In its quinary, decennial incarnation, the Susak Expo Biennale positions itself confidently over a range of artistic presences/absences, practices/praxises and emergent politics of the truant or peripatetic actor in the expanded geographical and conceptual art(s) space, dropping perpendicular perspectives from this sui generis and never to be repeated artistic posture.

In particular the “absences” here can, at times, be read problematically by the uniformed observer as an absence of audience, but as Wendy Beckett has written, “The absence of the viewer in post-internet, post-irony contemporary practices, ev/in/vasions of pre hoc hierarchies around cultural values and assumptions of artistic worth often congeals into a paradoxic gestalt that allows the artist (cis or trans pronouned) self to finally and fully attach to… [the] relational aesthetics.”
A shared oscillation between the nugatory, solipsistic act of making and its concomitant absence of superficial or “gaze-accessible” meaning or pragmatically physical public access binds together (sometimes disturbingly so) exhibiting artists in a determination to displace this lack, i.e. of intrusion by external forces, into a gustatory, domestic period of heimlich/unheimlich internal deflection that nonetheless finds external replication in a certain ephemeral outdoor monumentalitism that forces us to envision. This aforementioned oscillation can also act as a subversive vector even for effectively fictive and/or entirely absent persons, texts or acts, these being fastidiously included in the Expo Biennale’s modus operandi. 




 MAST program exclusively at the TU Graz, University of Nova Gorizia and MITI Madera