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MINDFLOCK workshop with  Ivan Talijancic  (WaxFactory) and  Alexandra Beller  (Alexandra Beller/Dances) in New York. Photo:  Maria Baranova .

MINDFLOCK workshop with Ivan Talijancic (WaxFactory) and Alexandra Beller (Alexandra Beller/Dances) in New York. Photo: Maria Baranova.

CCA Staff and CPP Faculty adhere to the ethos of professional and respectful conduct in and outside the classroom. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all the participants that is conducive to learning, sharing and collaboration, by creating a space free of judgment or conflict. We ask you to share this commitment with us during your participation in CPP, and to that end, we invite everyone to adhere to observe the following guidelines:

_Your attendance is mandatory at all the scheduled CPP work sessions published in the Program schedule (unless they are indicated as “optional”.) We suggest that you show up 15 minutes before the beginning of each session, and in any event do not be late for work session, in respect of your faculty and fellow students. Lateness and/or absence from class will not be tolerated, with the exception of justifiable emergencies.

_Please familiarize yourselves with all the required reading materials and complete the tasks indicated in the Required Reading section of this package, prior to each week’s working session (i.e., no later than July 1 for JAN FABRE TEACHING GROUP; and no later than July 7 for SITI Company.)

_Please note that JAN FABRE TEACHING GROUP (July 1 - 6) only provides a short break during the work session and not a full lunch hour. We recommend that you bring light refreshments to snack on during the first week. During the second week of training (July 8 - 13) there will be an hour-long lunch break, and we will provide suggestion for food options near our space, Filodrammatica.

_Summers on the Croatian coast are hot! Please very light / breathable clothing, and bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated during class. (Clean drinking water is available on the premises.) Expect a great deal of vigorous physical activity and sweating during the program!

_Bringing a pair of knee-pads is highly recommended.

_We ask that you refrain from the use of cellphones at any time during class sessions, in order to create a focused working environment for the group.

_Disruptive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Should any such instances occur, we ask that you report it to CCP Faculty / Staff.

_We plan on gathering photo and video documentation of certain work session for the purpose of internal documentation and future promotion of CPP. We will have standard waiver forms for you to sign during the Orientation/Welcome session.

_Feel free to reach out to CPP Faculty and Staff with any concerns. We are here to listen and to help as needed!

_We invite you to join the CPP 2019 internal Facebook group for any topics / updates concerning the group during our time together in Rijeka. We will also distribute contact sheets with everyone’s emails and mobile numbers.

We look forward to working with you this summer!