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Funding and Mobility resources

We encourage you to consult the following Funding and Mobility resources and platforms that could cover your travel and stay for the CCA programs and help you achieve the objectives of your participation. 

1.     Roberto Cimetta Fund

2.     European Cultural Foundation

3.     Asia - Europe Foundation

4.     Cultural Mobility Funding Guides for Europe/ On The Move

5.     Creative Hubs

6.     Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is an agency that orchestrates public support for the promotion of culture, both in Spain and overseas. 

7.     The Prince Claus Fund’s Mobility Fund

8.     Nordic Culture Point

9.     DutchCulture|TransArtists

10. To learn all about the Erasmus programme, browse the European Commission website.

11. Fund-finder This IETM publication - coordinated by On the Move - provides a detailed and easy-to-read overview of public and private funding opportunities for the arts and culture in Europe and beyond.

12. Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals
This mobility funding guide provides an overview of funding opportunities for international mobility of artists and cultural operators between thirteen Arab countries.

13. Mapping of Funding Opportunities for International Cultural Exchange in Asia
This guide makes available online the existing information on funding that supports the international mobility of artists and cultural operators from Asia, and provides input to funders on how to fill in the existing funding gaps for international cultural exchange in Asia.

14. Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals - United States of America
This guide lists national, local and international resources for incoming and outgoing mobility (to and from the USA), from both governmental and private institutions.

15. Guide to funding opportunities for the international mobility of artists and culture professionals – Africa
The main objective of this cultural mobility funding guide is to provide an overview of the funding bodies and programmes that support the international mobility of artists and cultural operators from Africa and travelling to Africa.

16. Guide to funding Opportunities for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals in Brazil
This guide lists cultural mobility funding opportunities for Brazilian artists, cultural professionals, organisations and opportunities for non-Brazilians to develop projects and cultural mobility experiences in Brazil. 

17. Worldwide AWARDS/GRANTS/OPPORTUNITIES by La MaMa Umbria International