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Once you have received confirmation of your accreditation, you will be registered for the CCA event.  Print out the Registration Acknowledgment Form and bring it with you to the conference.  

Your photo will be taken at the registration station; it is not necessary to send a photo in advance.  You must present the same valid photo ID as used in your profile. You may collect your badge on-site at the registration desk.


The names and information entered are for purposes of identification and verification only.  Required information is used for accreditation and statistical purposes and will not be published for general access. This information will be retained in the system for use at future sessions, unless a written request to remove it is received from the media concerned.  

Letters of assignment and copies of press cards are not retained.  For each meeting a new letter of assignment must be submitted and copy of a valid press card, if it has expired since the last meeting.

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